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Re: oil pressure

89er said:
Isit normal for stock to have a lower oil pressure?just fixed a defi oil temp car is onli few days old.at idling oil pressure ais at 0.8-1.1. when half clutch it will drop to 0.5-0.6.when moving it is at 4.0-5.0. Car still running in.mechanic told me tat it is because stock engine oil from japan too thin tast why,isit true?and if oil pressure fall belows 1 isit normal?before this car was driving WRX at idling the oil pressure is at 0.4-0.6.Is evo running at lower oil pressure?
Thanks for ur valuable info in advance.

in my opinion most important is when you move and thats when you load the engine.your engine is very ok.

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