To whom it may concern


To Dom&Gary
I notice after 2+ years you're still using the same tactic to sell your
Gary Tuning services:
1. Alex Cannot tune Idle
2. Alex's XML definition is wrong

Since you like to slap me so much while running out of ideas, may I offer you my other cheek?
Try the following:
Over the years, alex has blown up 3 x evo 10, 2 x evo 9, 3 x STI,
2 x WRX, 3 X Airtreks, 2 x CS5

Lets pray:
Dear Father in heaven
I pray that Dom&Gary Tuning may make use of these new marketing tools for furtherance of their tuning kingdom and spread the gospel to many pre-believers in the process.
In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Alex Khaw/clck little Bio:
Alex is a born again Christian.
He's only good at designing, coding and implementing ERP and MRP webbased application on the Internet. Alex is proven to be poor at XML definition

Gary if you find anything wrong in my 2 x Lancer XML definitions which i gave you FOC,
do let me know. I might seriously consider pushing ALL Lancer tuning to you.


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