SPARK Motorsports - Double Champions in RCA MegaLAP Round 1


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SPARK Motorsports™ Team Did It Again!!

SPARK Motorsports™ Team owned the RCA MegaLAP Time Attack Round One by emerging as Double Champions in the Open Spec – 2WD & Pro Spec – RWD with 2:32 overall best time records!

About 75 cars from both sides of the Causeway participated in this competition, which took place at Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur. The RCA MegaLAP is a platform for Motorsport companies to display their expertise and prove themselves as well as their products on the circuit. Everyone there was out to challenge themselves by attempting to achieve the fastest timing at this circuit. Our professional racer – Akina Teo A+ represented SPARK Motorsports™ Team using our racing gem Nissan S15.

During track testing, our S15 came in a couple of times for adjustments to the rear suspension and tyre pressure. In the battle for the podium title, all the drivers aggressively pitted their driving skills against one another. Our racer – Akina Teo, with his good, clean runs on the circuit, eventually won the battle in Open & Pro Spec and emerged as Double Champion using our S15, beating a Porsche GT2, BMW E36 M3, 12 competitors in this class. SPARK Motorsports™ Team was jubilant with the wins and despite the initial problems, we had overcome it and gone on to win.

Nothing is more rewarding than a double victory from our racing monster, S15. SPARK Motorsports™ Team is extremely happy at the positive result, and we are certain that our future events will be even more exciting.

With Round 2 scheduled on 21 April 2012, our team will be going all out with guns drawn to win the Singapore-Malaysia RCA MegaLAP Challenge trophy as well as Class wins.