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I had an issue which still cannot resolve and need some advise.

Whenever i depress clutch, the rpm will drop to 500 or even lower 300 or sometimes engine die.

Most of the necessary check had done but still can't find the fault. At first thought was the air con value issue but even ac off also the same problem.

Below are some of the basic check i had done.

1) Throttle body washed
2) IACV check no fault
3) Air intake check no fault
4) Air filter changed
5) RPM idle increase to 1.1k
6) Fuel filter changed

Can anyone advise me what is the problem?

Your advise are appreciated with thanks!


Perhaps u might wana have your throttle body shaft seals changed
Common problem for vacumn leak/boost leak on mitsubishi throttle bodies that are running throttle cable


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Check air intake piping - stock one may not withstand high boost. After-market stainless steel piping is better.

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