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Hi Guys,

I am looking to replace my current turbo and I have been recommended FPs. However I am split in choosing green vs red vs black.

Good street drive with good torque power is my priority as opposed to high end horse power. I plan to keep the engine as far as I can with the possible upgrade of cams sometime down the road.

Current mods -

Walbro 255 fuel pump
680cc injectors
Fuel rail
ETS full intercooler kit
full 3'' exhaust, downpipe

The rest are otherwise stock.

Any help on building a good street evo setup? :alien:

Much thanks in advance!!


much thanks hairytofu!

any recommendations of the cams please?

please pardon me for posting this over discussed topic [esp in evom] as i am being exposed to very mixed opinions. i have also spoken to 3 workshops and each recommended a different fp. [sorry for my improper capping, my both my shift keys suddenly died].

some say dun waste time with the green, the red gives potential upside with minimal sacrifice of low end spool. and some go on to comment that if i get the red, might as well just go for the black. hence, i am uncertain, esp when all are selling at usd2,350

anyone carrrys the fp turbos here in sg?

btw i am running on reflashed ecu.

many thanks guys!


Yes. With the mods you have in your car green would be the right set up for your car. I wouldn't say the rest of the turbo isn't good. I'm currently on FP black. Unless you're willing to spend alittle more on your supporting mods for the black then u should go for fp black.

As for green, I personally would prefer cosworth 272s. I am not sure with the fuel injector you're currently using would max out the duty cycle. I would go for 880cc injector.


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Unless u plan to build ur block.... Otherwise stick to green.... U can't fully maximize the potential of the black on stock blk....

Cosworth / kelford / TOMEI all are great sugarcane camssss... :lol:


thanks so much guys!

yes, i do not intend to go on heavy mods. but curiously, how much yes the 'little' more to spend [hahaha] and what are the min mods to support the fp black?

currently, im running on a br20g turbo. but i was told by a workshop that there is slight shaft play. to keep my options open, are there any good on-shore turbo repairs houses to recommend?



Bigger throttle body, methanol injection, bigger intake manifold, bigger exh manifold. Twin plate clutch. Mix and match. Not every thing big is a good thing.


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Rtezza said:
i have ported my stock exhaust manifold. i'll probably port my intake manifold as well?

you should consider a CBRD turbo, really good turbo :) Get a reflash and enjoy the car

Its good for the street and you can also have a fun time in the tracks :)


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Bro, I am on a green and street driving is spirited without lag. On the track, it gives u enough power that u will have fun and also in a drag, it kicks in fast enough that you can feel the oomph.... Try the green with a stage 2 cams and a good tune and u will be a very happy person.


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Yes, I heard from my workshop as well.

Might be a good choice to consider then since its similar to FP Green.

Thanks bro


Evil44 said:
Yes, I heard from my workshop as well.

Might be a good choice to consider then since its similar to FP Green.

Thanks bro

Only thing i dislike is dealing with them. U'll have to call them directly at night & speak to Robert. They only take bank wire transfer which is a hassle.
Don't bother sending emails, it take ages to respond. Call directly (itz stated on their site :D )


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dvp said:
Evil44 said:
Anyone can advise on MHI TF06-18K?

About the same as a fp green
One evo X alrdy fitted
Sgd2350 landed

Hi guys,

Does anybody knows what is the P/n for the TF06-18K? Apparently these are not MHI pn as the MHI will come in 10 digits. I am checking with a distributor in Singapore but they need to know the original MHI part no. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

there seems to be another MHI-owens developed turbo as well. TF06-07*18KX3RC-12T.

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