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    Wtb: E9 Rs2 stock Downpipe and catalyst convertor

    Hi, make sure ur current oil pan is also a evo 9 RS2 else it will not clear the RS2 downpipe's angle. If engine has been swopped to a JDM 4g63T then u will need a evo 9 RS2 oil pump strainer & oil pan
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    New forum software

    Thanks for everything pal, appreciate the hardwork u have put in!!!
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    AquaMist Methanol Injector kit

    Good choice u made for selecting this brand! Install in ur new car!!! :)
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    Clutch Help Needed

    Hi, Ur clutch cant be installed wrongly. The cover has prob lost it's tension thus the low pedal feel As for ur power output it depends on which dyno u use Stock clutch is good to last if u dun launch frequently Do a search in this forum on recomended workshops for labor on clutch change...
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    Coe renewal for Evo 9 that expired on Jan 2017

    Wait another 2 months & see how it goes It takes the moving average 3 months so u have another 4 rounds of coe results to consider
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    Servicing of Power Steering Pump

    The pwr steering pump is a concealed unit, There are no serviceable parts for it except the external o-rings n fittings Only the power steering rack is serviceable
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    Wtb: Fuel pressure gauge

    Do u have a aftermarket fuel rail or adjustable fuel regulator? If no then u will have to buy a tee fitting n cut ur original fuel lines to have the fuel pressure sensor fitted. Pressure guage can be bought between $25-50 depending on the grade
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    WTS: Garrett GTX3071R

    Sold to Boymay22!!!
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    Interest check: MWTS my Evo X GSR

    Sold to a very steady buyer who paid me extra & allowed me to drive till May when my new car arrives!!! :D
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    Wawawah Item 9......u changed to motec PLM also huh :D
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    WTS: Alcon 6/4

    Upz for u!!! These are alcon advantage series!!!
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    Interest check: MWTS my Evo X GSR

    Re: Interest check: MWTS my Evo X I concur only the "fucking" part U follow d me on my sexcapades before huh??? Hahaha
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    Interest check: MWTS my Evo X GSR

    Time for me to move on, wife has been nagging me to change to a MPV. Lowballers pls stay away, no intention to dekit a single item so pls dun pm me on parts. Note: i may keep this car if the price is not right as it's been fully paid up. GSR Manual , C&C Premium spec with full specs Omv: $43352...
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    ABS pump low voltage

    Creative & Uber should have the MUT3
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    ABS pump low voltage

    It is speed sensor issue, one of ur speed sensor is failing soon. The rs has a habit to throw dummy codes when it comes to speed sensor Should the code appear again head down to a workshop with MUT3 to trace out which specific side is failing Kevteo had this issue a couple of months ago
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    Wts: 2010 evo x fully done cylinder head

    Item sold to Madster!!!
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    Wts: 2010 evo x fully done cylinder head

    Sorry for the late replies Item is reserved
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    Any meet ups soon?

    U never mentioned u got a golden card which LTA can't touch u??? C.A.M with a pissed up face when u get stopped for checks Even a GT35 is seen a stock turbo Only the group of us will know wad this means Hahahaha
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    Evo unable to start

    No way to check except to remove fuel pump N blow into the check valve ball seat Time for u to change a new fuel pump n new petrol fiter
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    Evo unable to start

    Could be an impending fuel pump check valve intermittent failure. In normal operation mode this check valve would ensure that the fuel flows in one direction the moment it receives power supply