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  1. motoxxx55

    WTS: Idemitsu Extreme Eco 0W20

    4L bottle of Idemitsu 0w20 Extreme Eco Fully Synthetic engine oil. Cash & carry at $50 only! Thanx Victor 83889777 Actual item shown in pic.
  2. motoxxx55

    WTS: Apexi RSM

    Selling a used but in swee swee condition original Apexi Black Face RSM Coms complete with original stand & wire harness. Cash & carry at $220. Thanx Victor 83889777 Actual item pic shown:-
  3. motoxxx55

    WTB: E9 Recaro

    Looking for good condition Recaro seats from E9. Either 1 x passenger side from E9 MR, Or 1 pair from from E9 Thanx Victor 83889777
  4. motoxxx55

    E9 Stock Parts Lelong!

    Brembo front & rear brake kit with front slotted rotors - $1k - Original spoiler (pearl white) - $200 - Original motorised side mirrors (black) - $100 - Cabin & rear boot carpet & side garnish, spare tyre top cover & foam tools tray - $200 - New D2S/R HID bulbs 6k & 8k - $100/ set Cash...
  5. motoxxx55

    Wts: Number Plate Holder

    Used original E9 number plate holder for sale at $250. Thanx Victor 83889777
  6. motoxxx55

    Wts: ARC Gearknobs

    Got 2 used Arc Titanium gearknobs for sale. Selling 1 for $120, 2 for $220 Interested pls contact me to deal. Thanx Victor 83889777
  7. motoxxx55

    Wts: Carbing Cooling Plate

    Selling a used E9 Carbing radiator cooling plate in aluminium @ $120 Thanx Victor 83889777
  8. motoxxx55

    WTS: Evo9 GsrMR Stock Parts

    - Brembo front & rear brake kit with slotted rotors, pads & hoses - $2.5k - Original spoiler (pearl white) - $450 - Original MR front bumper lip (pearl white) - $350 - Original motorised side mirrors (matt black) - $250 - Stock ecu - $550 - Cabin & rear boot carpet, not floormats -...
  9. motoxxx55

    WTS: Voltex GT Wing

    Got a used Type 5 Gt wing for Evo 7,8,9 with small mounting base for sale. Top part of carbon has been stickered with carbon look sticker coz the surface has tarnished. Gg for $800 cash & carry. No many many Qs & As. Thanx Victor 83889777
  10. motoxxx55

    WTB: Walbro Fuel Tank

    Looking for a Walbro in tank fuek tank to replace mine tat has stopped working. Pls contact me with details if u got it for sale. Thanx Victor 83889777
  11. motoxxx55

    WTS: APP Cabin/Room Bar

    Selling a Original APP cabin/room bar. In good condition with some mild & minor scratches. Going for $350 cash & carry. Thanx Victor 83889777 *Low ballers pls stay far far away... Sample pic:-
  12. motoxxx55

    WTS: Varis CF Bonnet

    Selling a Original Varis CF bonnet in good condition. It has not been relaqured before. Item still on car now, view to appreciate. Cash & carry $950 in Paya Ubi, no swap needed. Thanx Victor 83889777 *Low ballers pls stay away... Actual pics:-
  13. motoxxx55

    Wtb: APP/Carbing Cabin-Bar

    Looking for tis item shown in d below pic for my E9. Pls contact me with details if anyone got it for sale. Thanx Victor 83889777
  14. motoxxx55

    Wts: HB4/9006 Led Bulb

  15. motoxxx55

    Wts: Led fog light bulb

    Got a spare set of HB4/9006 led super white light bulbs for sale. Selling for cash & carry $50. Thanx Victor 83889777 Sample pic:-
  16. motoxxx55

    Wts: White Iph5 16gb

    Got a set of brand new, sealed in the box white Iph5 16gb. Selling at $1k nett. Interested pls call me. Thanx Victor 83889777
  17. motoxxx55

    Wts: Toyo Tyres

    Got a pair of used Toyo C1S 245/35R19 tyres for sale. YOM is 2011, estimated around 50-60% threadlife left. Pls refer to actual pics provided below. Selling as a set of 2pieces for $320. Interested pls call me to discuss. Low-ballers pls stay clear hor.... Thanx Victor 83889777 Left Right
  18. motoxxx55

    Wts: HID D2S/R Bulbs

    Got a spare set of 6000k(white) & 8000k(slightly blue) Hid bulbs for sale. E9 stock replacement hid bulb type. Its brand new in box & never installed before. Cash & carry at $120/set, get both sets at $220. Thanx Victor 83889777
  19. motoxxx55

    Wts: Dec 2006 E9 GsrMR

    Considering to sell my E9 which i bought new back in 2006. Quite a handful of mods which will go together with the car. Customised engine, turbo & gearbox External fuel surge tank with dual pump Sparktech individual ignition coils Mishimoto e5 radiator Ap 6/4brakes Apexi n1 exhaust Defi gauges...
  20. motoxxx55

    Looking For: 17" Tyres

    Looking for 4 pieces of used but in GOOD condition tyres in 235/45/R17 profile. Pls sms/whatsapp me the brand, model & price. Thanx Victor 83889777