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    Guys, We've got 1 piece of Spearco Intercooler kit for Evo X to clear stock Arguably one of the best Intercoolers out there for Evo X. Those of you that have it know how good it is. ECU Logged Intake Air temps are crazily low! RRP $1799, CLEARANCE PRICE NOW : $1,550 INC INSTALL!
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    Product: SYNAPSE Upper Intercooler Pipe for Evo X

    Why you should have a SYNAPSE Evo-X UICP: (1) Eliminate unnecessary flow restrictions and transitions at the turbocharger outlet (2) 2.5" Diameter 1-Piece Tubing, Lightweight 6061 Aluminum piping as material of choice for significant weight savings, and greater ability to dissipate heat (3)...
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    Product: RADIUM Engineering (Oil Catch Can, FST, Fuel Rail)

    What's the use of a catch can? Most people know what a catch can does, it provides an area for crankcase gasses to accumulate safely and not cause issues with the engine operation. Piston rings do not seal 100% and as a result, pressurized gasses from the combustion process will leak out into...
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    Product: SIMPSON Racing

    SIMPSON Racing first introduced "The Envelope of Safety" concept - a 360-degree approach to a driver’s ultimate security in 1999. By surrounding the racer with SIMPSON's 8 elements of supreme racing protection, they become safeguarded from many dangerous situations. Driver's personal safety...
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    FS: Evo 9 GSR Seats Front and Rear

    Hi Guys, We've got a pair of Evo 9 GSR Recaro seats for sale with rails and rear seats. Perfect Condition, no tears or stains. (9/10). Asking for $1,600 for the whole lot. Interested buyers can contact us on 64758077. Thanks.
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    Product: DRIVESHAFT SHOP Carbon Propeller Shaft

    1) Carbon Propeller Shaft - the next "must-have" on your Evo & STI 2) Closer look at the Prop Shaft 3) Carbon Propeller Shaft for Mitsubishi Evo 9 / 10 4) Carbon Propeller Shaft for Subaru STI 5) The shaft's thicker than your arm 6) Pre-installation on Mitsubishi Evo X GSR (BEFORE) 7)...
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    Product: PPG Straight Cut Gears for Evo X GSR

    PPG STRAIGHT CUT GEAR SETS FOR EVO X GSR 5 SPEED! This straight cut dog engagement gear set has already proven itself in the rally motorsport scene, achieving many Rally wins in and around Europe, it also helped to propel ACP Racing to overall victory in the 2009 North American Rally...
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    Product: GIRODISC rotors and brake pads

    ABOUT GIRODISC >>> GIRODISC is a Braking Technology Company dedicated to developing the best quality high performance braking components and solutions. GIRODISC designs and engineers the replacement discs after documenting and studying the OE brake system and specifically the disc design...
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    Ok Guys, you heard about it. We have just recently partnered up with SSP. These guys are the specialists in BOTH our SST and GTR Dual Clutch Transmissions. SSP is willing to fly down and do a group installation for 5 Cars at our workshop. This would be done by our mechanics and supervised by...
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    GB For all SSP Products

    In order to celebrate our recent collaboration with South Side Performance, we are arranging a Group buy for All SSP Products. ALL @ DISCOUNTED PRICES!!! Should you need any SSP Products, please do not hestitate to contact us and we will try our best to get you the best pricing possible...
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    Due to popular public request, and to celebrate our new partnership with South Side Performance, we are launching a group buy for the SSP Evo X Aluminium Undertray for all interested parties. Cut off date of this group buy is 18 July 2012. Interested parties must make payment @ our office...
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    BLITZ Type ZS Racing Radiator for CZ4A and Other Makes

    Stock radiators with plastic end tanks fail over time. Aluminium radiators are the way to go!!! Blitz Racing Radiators Type ZS with a new core design and manufacturing process designed to provide maximum cooling efficiency to prevent premature engine failure. Blitz Racing Radiators Type ZS...
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    NEW ARK Design Intake Kit for Evo X!!!

    This is an all new Intake Kit from ARK Design! Comes with Hi Flow Apexi Pod Filter, MAF Sensor Holder and ARK Air Box. It Looks AWESOME!!!!!! Fits all GSR and SST Models. In Stock. $499 inc install
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    Product: RECARO Child Seats

    Parents who are concerned for their childrens safety put their trust in RECARO. Only RECARO has over one hundred years of experience in the development and production of vehicle seats, racing shells and airplane seats. This knowledge is applied when designing and producing our baby and child...
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    We Have Moved!!!

    To All friends and Customers of Uber Garage We would like to inform you that we have moved to a new bigger and better workshop!! We would like to thank everyone for their continuous support and look forward to serving you at our new premises! Photos of our awesome workshop to follow very...
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    Hotchkis Front/Rear Sway Bar Set and Rear EndLinks--> Evo X

    Uber Garage is proud to Bring you Hotchkis Suspension Products for Your Evo X!!! Front and Rear Sport Sway Bar Kit Enhance the cornering performance of your EVO X with a set of Hotchkis Sport Suspension sport sway bars. Our sport sway bar package increases front/rear roll stiffness giving the...
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    Uber Garage is Proud to Bring you the Full Range of AST Suspension. We are the authorized SOLE Distributors of AST Suspension in Singapore with Warranty* on all AST Sportline Products sold by us. Like all Top of the Line Coilovers and Suspension, AST Suspension are 100% MADE IN HOLLAND...
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    ** Custom 3" Down Pipe for Evo X **

    3" Custom Downpipe for EVO X We now have Custom Down Pipes for the Evo X. These are full 3" Stainless Steel TIG welded Downpipes with CNC Flanges. Unlike the ones the sell in the U.S which are meant for LHD cars, these downpipes were custom made to suit our RHD cars without any obstructions...
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    Engine Rebuild Services

    Over the years, Uber Garage have been reknowned for our precise engineering and engine rebuild works. With our numerous builds, years and experience, we know what is right for your engine. Be it a formidable track weapon, jaw breaking drag machine or just no nonsense street car, we can help you...
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    *NEW! PPG Evo X 6 Speed Sequential Gear Kit for 5Spd Evo X!*

    The New PPG 6 Speed Sequential Gear Kit for 5 Speed Manual Evo X are here!!!! Convert your 5 Speed Gearbox into a 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox !!!! From PPG: "Designed to fit into the standard OE Mitsubishi gearbox casing without modification, the PPG kit features sequential-barrel dog...