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  1. GarageRM

    Wts - Brand New 4G64 AMS 2.3rr Crate Engine (With Pics)

    Pm Please on the price you are asking for the crate engine ?
  2. GarageRM

    WTS: Zeal Super Function R Coilovers (w/ Canister) *

    just a question, which shop can rebuild Zeal coilover in singapore ?
  3. GarageRM

    Need help on suspension settings

    I usually tried to set them on 8/8 first to give some initial respond.. then I started from there.. what's are your Spring rates ?
  4. GarageRM

    PnP ECU for evo 9

    If you waited for a while there's a Haltech platinum Pnp for evo 9. it's similar to the Haltech sport 2000, but it uses a shorter patch loom that hooked up to you standart engine harness.. plus it will comes with a basic tune.
  5. GarageRM

    Manifold : TOMEI OR HKS?

    HKS, Manifold thens to crack.. Tomei dont really crack unless you do something crazy with it.. I Would suggest a Tomei Manifold plus it's you could legally use in SG... but if money no objects.. order an ETS manifold.. :) that's a work of Art..
  6. GarageRM

    KW clubsport for EVO X.

    do you have a kw var3 for evo 8 or 9 ?
  7. GarageRM

    Evo 8 MR GSR Ralliart ECU

    selling Evo 8 MR Ralliart ECU.. Used just for a day then went stand alone.. selling for Sg500, PM or reply for Pics..
  8. GarageRM

    Porsche,Claims Nissan Cheating On GT-R R Nurburgring Laptime

    The boys at Porsche, obviously stunned that the Nissan GT-R achieved a claimed Nurburgring lap time of 7:29 — faster than either their 911 Turbo or GT2 — decided to do a little testing of their own. Using a stock GT-R sourced from the States, Porsche's 'Ring expert was able to perform a best lap...
  9. GarageRM

    WTB : Original Runduce Rear Diffuser

    I think You are talking about Voltex Evo9 Rear Diffuser.. you could get it from Gans..
  10. GarageRM

    F/s Endless Brake Kit 6/4 Pot

    Re: F/s Endless BBK 6/4 Pot kindly pm me the price and the conditions.. TIA
  11. GarageRM

    Any workshop for our ride in Jakarta?

    yes.. there are a couple of shops in Jkt..
  12. GarageRM

    Another Turbo issue

    Can Also Consider Buschur Green Turbo.
  13. GarageRM

    sound in reverse gear

    That could be your rear break pad.. check them and see if they have a full contact on the rear disk..
  14. GarageRM

    Conversion Table of PSI to BAR

    here's for all of you conversions need..
  15. GarageRM

    WTB- Gear knob spacer- between knob and hood

    that's not a spacer, that's a ring to engage reverse.. in a 6 speed Evo. and there's no short shifter for a 6 speed evo.. only for 5 speed evo..
  16. GarageRM

    Service manual for Evo IX and IX MR

    just wondering if any one have a copy of EVo IX or Evo IX MR service manual.. or the list or Parts Number for them ? Hardcopy or PDF would be great.. or could point me out where to obtaining one.. Regards Reza
  17. GarageRM

    WTB: EVO 8 MR Tranfer Case

    bump .. any one ?
  18. GarageRM

    WTB: EVO 8 MR Tranfer Case

    Hi.. just wondering if any one got a Evo 8 Mr Tranfer case for sale.. if you do.. please Pm me.. this's the Tranfer case for the 6 speeds trasmission. Rez
  19. GarageRM

    Where to install Apexi Trubo Timer cheap???

    I don't know where you can buy the Turbo timer harness in Sg, but I do know the parts no.. Pm me for detail.
  20. GarageRM

    Where to install Apexi Trubo Timer cheap???

    If you have the Turbo timer harness install time should be like about 30 mins :D. if you don't have the harness.. would be longer.. :( the only time you tap the ECU with Apexi turbo time is for the "Blue wire Mod" this's to see the Voltages for your front o2 Sensors.. other time is to use...