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    2018 SG Evo Club Mega-Meet

    9tro checks out the biggest Lan-Evo meet on the island! Not exactly the biggest. I believe its a good start to have gather everyone for this shoot. Specially thanks to Zolene and Jackson for organising this meet. Hope we can rekindle some good old activities soon ...
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    #EVOsUnited Whatsapp Group Chat

    Another group chat?! Yes it is! You asked why? Some things better left unanswered. As techonologies advances, now all upgraded to Whatsapp Group Chat loh. The intention of this creation was to bring along all Evos owners Current or even Ex Owners as a community for everyone. Why Ex? Maybe you...
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    A SG Evo Track Day 2018?

    Slot no more available sorry guys
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    WTS: E9 GT

    Oct 2006 unit. Renewed for 10Years I am the 2nd owner since 2015Oct. 1st Owner complete the cycle of 9.5Years Car is in very mint condition. Mileage till date only 80k km only as the car was previously OPC registered. All wear n tear has been changed. Owner is a NIAO ONG. See to Believe. Alot...
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    Have loads of STOCK parts to sell. Confirm is Heaven price BUT some might be at a cheap bargain too. Whatsapp 94526985 to ask me if i have THE ONE you need and we can discuss this further.
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    WTB: CT9A Front Lic Plate Holder

    I am looking for this mentioned item. If you plan to let go you can hook me up via SMS or Whatsapp at 94526985 Thanks
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    EGR Evo 7/8/9 Headlight Protector

    Alright, i think i should come in and clear up the air for the following. Bro rolling shouldnt be shouldering this and im also responsible for the screwed up and inconvience brought to you guys. I am the culprit that help to liase on the GB that bro rolling was doing. As EGR wanted a MOQ for the...
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    Red Line Oil Track Day by Kai Guan on 6th April 2012

    Venue: Sepang International Circuit Date: 6th April 2012 (Its a Good Friday! No Excuse not to go!) Time: 12pm to 3pm Price: SGD$220/Driver (Transponder Included) Comes with a free set of Red Line Race Motor Oil (Up to 5quarts) Available grade: 30wt (10w30); 40wt (15w40); 50wt (15w50)...
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    Evo X Headlight Protector?

    Anyone keen on it? got lobang for it hehe sms me directly at 94526985
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    Evo Club Decal Collection. 'Final' 16th March 2011

    Okie, finally i can only make time for one last collection for the club decal tml. This is abit last min but i hope those of you that has place an order can make it to collect them. This is open to everyone regardless whether you drive a EVO or not as i do not have the intention to keep any left...
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    Defective Tyre

    Anyone encounter such issue and send for claim? What conclusion was given? I was told the usual practice is base on the usage you have used left over, they will compensate base on that. i thought i found it ridiculous and unacceptable, if i loose my life due to it how on earth can they...
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    1st Club Decal Collection Meetup.

    Here we go! Those who are in the 1st 100 will have piority to the club decal! Date: 25th Feb 2011 Venue: Carpark infront of Kallang leisure park facing 7-11 Time: 730pm - 9pm (i dont wanna stay too long unless there is crowd) Please lookout for a RED Audi Coupe Please make effort to come and...
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    Suggestion for meetup. (Club Decal Collection + Photoshoot?)

    Please let your ideals run wild. since the decal is ready for collection, i suppose we could be looking at quite a number of you guys attending. shall we try doing a photoshoot too? Please suggest some location and also in the poll the day you guys would prefer. i suppose we are gonna do this...
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    Official Car decal for SG Evo Club "ORDERING"

    * Please kindly take note that decal is piority to Evo drivers alright man. im consolidating all the names here for those who are interested in getting the decal. size is 3inch by 8inch and this is a windscreen decal. price is to be in the range of $3.50+- i need as many names as possible as...
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    Another CT9A bites the dust

    Taking my usual route heading home after catching up with friend at kallang mac and along petir road i spotted a TP WRX stopped on the right lane. My 1st thought initially was only because of a fallen tree. there was blockage because of a taxi infront but once i pass thru the fallen tree, what...
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    WTB: Apexi N1 xos

    im looking for the above mentioned. if you operated your approved one i also will consider. Price is the factor here. PM me if you have one to sell.
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    WTS: EGR Headlight Protector

    1set has a slight crack line on the passenger side. (not obvious & view b4 you buy is better): $50 Interested parties to sms me at 94526985 thanks
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    Classic Evo III

    wow never knew such a classic still exist on our road. its on sale now! :D ... 09&DL=1172
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    Evo X Manual / SST

    Time for flamming? :lol: some own the manual some own the sst, need you guys on your opinion on your inidividual ride. of coz i have also noe some that have upgraded from the ct9a to the cz4a too. all inputs are appreciated for sst owners: y you choose sst over the manual? how responsive it...
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    WTS: Parts For sales (CT9A)

    i am posting on behalf of a friend who is letting go his parts Electronics: Apexi RSM Silver Casing $300 Pivot shift lamps 3 small bulbs type $100 Alphine IVA-D300 DVD touch screen in dash panel w 6 disk changer $650 Handling: Ohlin coilovers $2800 (swop needed with stock suspension) CT9A...