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  1. funksoulbro

    Evo 9 full set rotors

    Full set of 4. Lightly used, kept for years. $600. Self collect. Whatsapp 96882229.
  2. funksoulbro

    Evo 9 front strut bar and stock intercooler.

    $150 for strut bar and $200 for intercooler. Whatsapp 96882229. Self collect.
  3. funksoulbro

    Stock air box with filter

    Evo 9 GSR stock air box. $200. whatsapp 96882229. Self collect.
  4. funksoulbro

    Wts Evo mat back piece centre part

    $20. New. Whatsapp 96882229. Self collect.
  5. funksoulbro

    Wts td05 Owens turbo 20g

    One of a kind turbo. I sent it over to the uk to have it custom built by Owens. This turbo has never been used, internals are brand new so as to speak. Very tough turbo and spools damn fast. If u know Owens turbo, u know what I am talking about. With simple mods, stock engine and proper tuning...
  6. funksoulbro

    Evo 9 GSR for sale

    Coe expiring month end. Car will scrap if no buyers. Basically highest offer secures now. Buyers, dealers or exporters welcome! Below is an estimated list of parts in the car. Whatsapp 9688 2229. Here is a rough list of parts. There is more to this. Many stock parts available too. Everything...
  7. funksoulbro

    FP turbos

    Anyone using FP turbos from ST Powered? Esp the 25G FP black turbo.
  8. funksoulbro

    APP boot strut bar

    As good as new...bought but never used. For Evo 9 for sure. Should fit all CT9As. $300 non nego. Sms 9688 2229. Self collect only.
  9. funksoulbro

    Stock GTR suspensions

    Any problems clearing standard HDB MSCP slopes/humps and majority of s'pore humps?
  10. funksoulbro

    History of this car? ... 83&DL=2091 Is the owner here? Anyone knows the history of this car?
  11. funksoulbro

    C&C evo9MR GSR

    Are they euro or JDM specs? I dun rem there is such diff when i was driving my evo8 leh...or i didnt know? Comments pls...
  12. funksoulbro

    WTB : Evo 9MR / GSR

    9MR preferred...Will consider GSR as well. Any is red. Stock preferred or mild mods ok, ie 320bhp. 1 owner car if possible. MUST BE accident free hor. Anyway if u have a evo9 FS...just sms/call me at 9688 2229.
  13. funksoulbro

    Stuff To Clear

    Hi all, my bro has de-mod his car, here are some stuff to clear: 1) Pivot shift lamp (red) SGD70 2) HKS turbo timer SGD80 3) HKS EVC V Boost Controller limited Anniversary edition with stand (Yellow Face) condition very good SGD700 Firm 4) Arm rest extension SGD100 Firm *reserve 5) HKS...
  14. funksoulbro

    Help needed on used Evo 9!

    Anyone know about this evo? history? Owner? All inputs are welcome...tks bros! ... 89&DL=1000
  15. funksoulbro

    GTR forum?

    A member in SHC was asking for a there one yet?
  16. funksoulbro

    Any E9 FS?

    Considering going back to a CT9A if i can find one...any great cond E9(accident free) FS here or in sgcarmart pls post here. Prefer stock to mildly modded. Best is 9MR GSR or 9GSR, GT is last option. Tks bros!
  17. funksoulbro

    R34 Skyline GTR Any comments abt the price? Mileage is unbelievable! Wats the current est pricing and OMVs for the R35? Owners do share pls. Tks!
  18. funksoulbro


    anyone know any decent evo9 FS in sgcarmart? pls post links in this thread. Preferably GSR, GT also can if cond is ok... Prefer stock...mild mods are ok. tks bros!
  19. funksoulbro

    E8 exos FS

    Original...good cond. Pls PM ya offer. Highest secures...
  20. funksoulbro


    Used and standard...$200. Call 96882229 if keen. Self collect.