You been Stomped


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Stupid people arh... The screeching sound is due to the type of flooring mah... Hehe... Ask him to go complain to town council to pave the MSCP with better material lar. Too bad his unit so close to the MSCP. Some people arh.. Eat full no shit to let go.


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Singaporeans are really lousy at resolving potential conflicts. Either complain to "higher authority" or scratch your car with no one seeing just to get back at you. In other countries at least they have some courage to confront you, not necessarily ending in violence.
This is absoultely childish lah.
STOMPed should be re-named Virtual Speakers Corner.... all day KBKB only.
Gosh - some people can make a career out of complaining.


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Instead of taking photo's and posting on stomp, the complainant should have used that time and energy to approach and talk nicely to the driver and suggest ways which he can reduce the noise he may or may not know he is creating.
What really helps is, he should also mention an infant or sick elderly at home trying to sleep as that normally gets the attention and compassion of the other party.
After all they are staying in the same estate and flaming each other the way he did only creates animosity amongst the residents.

If i was in the driver's position i would rather be told than flamed in public
More so, if the the driver was hot-headed, it could lead to a confrontation or revenge by way of making more noise in the wee hours of the morning.

Some Singaporeans or PR's or the million or so expat's living in our small country must try to tolerate the little annoyance now and then as we live in close proximity with one another.

I myself live in a HDB flat beside the road and every now and again, a Mosquito motorcyle with the silencer removed zooms by at high speed, and I am sure you know what it sounds like in the early hours, but what to do, i don't take my EVO and chase him, take a photo and post on stomp right, just have to live with it...