WTT CF Bonnet+Boot for stock in White


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Seibon Bonnet and Robson Design Boot to trade for Stock E10 ones...Color in GSR White only!

Swapping of boot only is also possible...Swap of Bonnet only will have to wait till another party wants boot...

Reason for swap-reverting back to more stock look...

Only need to pay Labor fee of 60 for both to swap...

Only serious parties pls pm...Thanks


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gumby said:
Was it from esiluna?
yes it was... im thinking of spraying it to white to match the car by end of this mth but many bros advise me to stick wit it...

but if there are bros who would like to change it out then i wun waste the CF look...

offer still stands till end of july... =)


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scoobysix said:
Still waiting for your response bro :)
bro sry missed out on ur query..its CW style but bonnet someone wants already...

now waiting for someone to take the boot... wud like to swap both together ya...if not then will spray both...


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