WTT: Bride Seats Exchange + Top up

Driver Side: Genuine Bride Zeta 3 (FIA) with Bride Rails
Passenger Side: Genuine Bride Brix II with Bride Rails
Condition: Used and Very Good condition.

Need to Exchange with original EVO 8 or 9 seats plus top up SGD1.2k.

Car is in KL, Malaysia. Can deal at Sepang during any coming track day or timing is right, I can drive down to Singapore.

Anyone interested, please PM or contact me at 016-2021148.



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price abit steep.

02 x E9 seats = $900 x 2 = $1800 + $1200 (Top-up) = $3000

Add $1000 to that amount, possible to get 02 USED Bride STRADIA/GIAS,or 01 NEW BRIX II and 01 NEW BRIDE STRADIA/GIAS, or 01 USED Bride STRADIA/GIAS and 01 NEW Bride STRADIA/GIAS.

with enough $$ to spare for extra Bride cushions and Starbucks .