WTS: Roberuta Front Lifter System (TOP SECRET Garage)

Letting go my semi-custom Roberuta Lifter System (as used by TOP SECRET Garage). This is a front lifter system that can be fitted on top of your after market coilovers so you don't have to sacrifice performance.

Ever wondered how Lamborghinis and Porsches clear humps even with their low front end? Now you can lower your car for that aggressive look without compromising on performance and worrying about destroying your front lip or under carriage at multi-storey carparks! Believe me, my car was only inches off the ground and it was my daily drive.

These are NOT air bags. The expansion cups go in-between your springs and pillow mount. They will fit any HKS, Tanabe, Cusco, JIC and many more aftermarket coil overs (unfortunately, they won't work with Teins).

Head down to http://www.roberuta.com/english/index.html to get a better idea.

The kit comes with the Roberuta Cups, Air Compressor, Air Tank, Air lines and Solenoids. Everything weighs less than 3kgs.

Asking only S$1,350. 94503419


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