WTS: Evo 10 dekitting - price reduced 21 Dec


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1. Fujitsubo Exhaust (Legal Cat Back) With cert - $600

2. [RESERVED] Defi BF (white) gauges / meter x 6: Boost, exhaust temp, water temp, fuel pressure, oil temp, oil pressure with Cu2 - $900

3. [ONHOLD] Blitz air cleaner open pod - $80

4. Blitz throttle controller - $50

5. Blitz FATT DC IV Turbo Timer - $50

6. Sold

7. [ONHOLD] Entire setup - $3,000 consist of the following
- Blitz intercooler
- Owen Development TD05H 25G
- ECUTek
- DW 800cc injectors
- decatted cat
- tonnka 3” down pipe
- Kamak extractor

Items still on car. Interested sms / WhatsApp me to discuss. Thank you. 9o4767o7
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Hi. How much power were you making with your setup?
I’m in the market to boost my FQ,
I’m already on ECUtech with some drop in upgrades and making 320 whp and was Thinking about going GTX3071R Gen2.
I might consider your turbo and hot Side, if power hike is decent, and so the price.
GTX3071r Gen 2 + 1050 ID injectors are 4’100 SG$, for the comparison.
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