wts: Endless Monoblock Brake Kit

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  1. khaychun

    khaychun Well-Known Member

    Original Endless front 6 pots monoblock, rear 4 pots monoblock. Iconic endless dull green colour with red wordings. Superb braking power. Never being tracked before. Comes with front and rear floating rotors, as well as steel braided hoses. Braking feel very progressive and very firm compared to some of the brakes I have tried so far. PM me your best price.
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  2. khaychun

    khaychun Well-Known Member

    Front and rear calipers are both monoblocks, not half mono and half not.
  3. Sky Wee

    Sky Wee New Member

    Pm for price
  4. david366

    david366 Member

    Bro pm price
  5. khaychun

    khaychun Well-Known Member

  6. superlemonevo

    superlemonevo Well-Known Member

    good stuff, too bad i cant afford it
  7. khaychun

    khaychun Well-Known Member

    I always thought brembo, ap, Alcon were very good until I tried this... I don't know if I can ever go back to those brands again.... hahaha.... if given a choice to start all over again, I rather buy a very good coil and a very good brakes and done... hahaha
  8. jaeho

    jaeho New Member

    Price PM me thanks
  9. khaychun

    khaychun Well-Known Member


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