wts: Apexi Exhaust (BEN!! been BUSY???)


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Apexi Hybrid Exhaust System for sale.
Incl Mid section & Muffler,
Suitable for all EVOs..
LTA approved, In good condition.. $500

sms Ben 96781400


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69hp said:
Ben call me on my mobile, been tyring to get you for the last few days.

Guess you must have been really BUSY!!??

a) the muffler is badly damaged, hangers are broken,
b) the LTA certificate you have given to Sam.....is not VALID

This is far from 'good' condition u claimed??

ya loh...y sell a damaged exhaust...zzz..cert also not for that model ....haiz....

y dont u just ans the call from kai and explain....nothing to hide if ur exhaust is really in a "GOOD" condition.

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