WTB: Mitsubishi Evolution 9 GSR Recaro *FOUND*


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Re: WTB: Mitsubishi Evolution 9 GSR Recaro seats (1 Pair)

wzmivan said:
Looking for a pair of Mitsubishi Evolution 9 GSR Recaro seats. Budget of $1.4k to $1.5k depending on age and condition of the seat. Thanks

If u are collecting car and want to change your seats to bride, or your seats are NEW. I'll offer $1.5k straight. Thanks

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1.5k too low la.. think no one wld sell.. one piece from MMC for the GSR recaro is abt 4k+.. hehe...


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yup... too low to offer such price... E9 GT(alcantra) seats already ard 800-900 each.. If someone wanna sell 1.5K/pair for GSR(leather) seats i buy 2 pairs... hee... let me know..


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hi i've got some evo 8 recaros, but the OEM rails have been modified to fit a subaru... i'm selling for 1.5k.. i believe that you'll be able to get the OEM rails from somewhere.. perhaps a lancer OEM rail to bolt on?

let me know if you want to check it out.

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