Whiteline Grp Buy - Closed & sms sent

Hi all,

I'm doing a group buy for Whiteline Products (from Australia). Please visit http://www.Whiteline.com.au for a listing of all the parts available for Mitsubishis (Evo or otherwise). Other car makes/models are also available. I will post up the prices here by this week. Closing date for ordering is 28/4.

A deposit of ~50% will be required around the closing date before my confirmed order is given to Whiteline. It will take about 4 weeks for delivery. For installation, you are free to go to your own workshop, or to AMK Autopoint BMS (they are not associated with the group buy).

Any queries, I will try to answer too.

Group Buy II looks set to take off. Subaru bros have been snapping up orders.

As such, please confirm your orders by the closing date.

Simon Oh
Thanks to all who have ordered. I have sent sms to you. If you have ordered but have not received my sms, please contact me immediately.

Thank you.

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