Walbro GSS 342 Installed in Exo X.. No Adaptors or Holders!!

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Hi Guys,

We've received numerous enquiries from owners regarding the installation of the Walbro GSS342's in Evo X.

Like many others, most believe that an additional adaptor is essential for installation of this fuel pump to ensure the fuel ump sits in place.

We've even heard of some using cable ties!!! :!: Yes, the adaptors do work and saves a lot of hassle. However, this is a solution for those that don't want the hassle of buying the additional adaptor and waiting for the goods to arrive in the mail. :)

No Cable ties, No Buying additional adaptors or poorly secured fuel pumps that move around here and there.

Just some modification to your current fuel filter housing and still using back your original fuel filter :)

Walbro GSS 342 Installed in Evo X...

Perfect fitment.... :)
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