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Synapse Synchronic Wastegate:
FIRST diaphragm-less wastegate

Q: With or without the diaphragm, does it make a difference?

Since there's no diaphragm/membrane, the wastegate will be more responsive to changes in boost pressure. It is also the first pneumatically actuated wastegate that has a built in boost pressure adjustment at the actuator level without bleeding of pressure, which will produce mathematically rock solid boost levels.

Another first is the ability for the serious tuner to use different combinations of valve size and spring rates in order to match to the specific engine’s performance profile.

Synchronic Wastegates in brief:

-> Interchangeable valve seats Upgradeable wastegate with interchangeable actuator bodies Miniature actuator for tight installations

-> First wastegate with built in boost control On-board anti-lag functionality

-> Precision valve actuation using Synchronic actuator geometry

-> Self-Centering Piston actuator No valve guide Minimum of 8 different boost settings built into each Synchronic wastegate

-> Adjustable spring pre-load Variable and tunable spring rates at the same boost level First wastegate with a valve that can spin

über Garage presents to you the most cutting-edge in wastegates technology
**Introductory Offer (Limited Pieces Only - While Stocks Lasts!)**

:arrow: Synchronic WG 40mm kit w/ Flanges - Silver @ $460 nett
Universal 2-Bolt Synchronic wastegate kit with flanges and mounting hardware included anti-corrosion silver anodizing
*Price EXCLUDES installation, please PM for quote*

:arrow: Synchronic WG 50mm kit w/ Flanges - Silver @ $630nett
Universal v-band clamp mounted 50mm Synchronic wastegate kit with mounting flanges, clamps, 2-valve seats and seals.
*Price EXCLUDES installation, please PM for quote*

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