Track Day Preparations (-2 weeks)


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For members attending the EVO Club track day, you might want to take note of certain basic pre-track preparations:

One to two weeks prior to the track day

Basic Car preparation:
  • For a stock car, check it for road worthiness, as per the manufacturer's specifications
  • Ensure that the engine is not overdue in its regular servicing. This applies especially to timing belts and such.
  • Change engine oil if the last oil change was 5,000km or more. This typically applies to persons who frequent trackdays monthly. Otherwise, the last oil change prior to this track day should be no more than 10000km.
  • Inspect brake condition – brake fluid level, check brake pads, rotors. If pedal feel is spongy, please consult mechanic. In doubt, have an experienced mechanic change your brake fluid every 6-12 months.
  • Inspect tire condition – ensure sufficient tire thread remains. The legal requirement is 2mm. For track use, a minimum of 25-50% remaining thread (at the worst point of wear) is preferred.
  • Make sure the steering system is in good condition, without excessive slack. If steering wheel wobbles at speed, have the tyres balanced. If car veers, have the alignment sorted.
  • Ensure seat belts are in working order and not frayed.
  • Check all add-on body parts, such as side skirts, front and rear spoilers, to ensure that they are securely fitted.
  • Check that wheel lugs are properly torqued.

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