Track Day Preparations (-1 or 2 Day)


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Track Day Preparation - Prior to Track Day

One to two days prior to track day…

a. Keep your senses keen by staying away from alcohol the night before.

b. Ensure that you have sufficient sleep or rest. A good rest will sharpen your reaction time, which is vital to safety and good track driving.

c. Complete all personal administration prior to drive up to track

d. Check that passport is valid.

e. Change currency. Typically, you need to provision for toll (about 120-150RM each way if you aren't stopping in KL) and food

Actual day…

a. Please be punctual especially if you are joining the convoy.

b. The convoy will push off promptly at the indicated time.

c. Wear comfortable clothes that will give you the freedom of movement.

d. Flip flops and loose fitting shoes should be avoided.

e. Bring a proper (or approved) helmet. It is mandatory in track driving and should fit snugly. Bring earplugs, if you can stand the exhaust note.

f. Proper helmet does not mean army, mountain biking or roller-blading helmet. Motorcycle helmets are acceptable.

g. Bring passport and currency.

h. For the car, bring along :
- Extra engine oil
- Octane boosters (if your car needs to run 98RON)
- Emergency tyre inflator
- Tire pressure gauge
- Toolkit
- Flashlight

Have fun tracking!!

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