Synapse Blow Off Valve *Installed With Pics and Dyno Chart*


For the numerous who have used it, You know how well these work and swear by it!!! Here is just a little info and pics for those of you who have little idea on what this BOV Does. :)

:?: What is a BOV and why it is important...
Pressure release valve, or also known as a "Blow Off Valve" (BOV), is a pressure release system in turbocharged engines. Its main purpose is to release turbo pressure when the throttle plate is closed and the turbo is still spinning, and still creating pressure.

Not only does BOVs produce sweet hissing sounds, the system fundamentally serves to prevent compressor surge, and also to reduce wear on the engine.

Compressor surge is a phenomenon that readily occurs when lifting off the throttle of an unvented, turbocharged engine. When the throttle plate on a turbocharged engine closes, the high pressure air in the intake system is trapped by the throttle and a pressure wave is forced back into the compressor which can result in the rapid slowing of the compressor wheel and may even stall in some circumstances.

The rapid slowing or stalling stresses the turbo and imparts severe turbo lag if the driver accelerates immediately after the surge event.

:idea: Synapse Synchronic BOV...

Synapse Engineering’s revolutionary Synchronic BOV design features a pull type piston actuated (Patented Synchronic Technology) design and poppet valve for maximum flow at initial opening instead of using the common diaphragm, therefore giving it unparalleled response and effective elimination of compressor surge.

The lack of a diaphragm not only increases reliability and durability, it also means there won’t be a need to replace worn internals.

:arrow: This video will help you understand how Synchronic BOV eliminates compressor surge: ... annel_page

:arrow: Synchronic BOV compared with a push-type BOV: ... annel_page

:arrow: See the Synapse Engineering BOV comparison in this video:

-comes with 1.25" aluminum recirculation fitting and Stainless steel weld-on flange
-detachable re-circulation discharge and interchangeable flange
-adapters can be purchased separately to replace GReddy or HKS BOV Installations
-anti-stall valve kit available separately for engines that are discharging to atmosphere instead of re-routing it back into the intake piping
-each assembly is pressure tested to 100psi prior to leaving the factory

This was a dyno test done on our dyno with my own Evo X.

Runs were done back to back without taking the car off the dyno, only the stock blow off
valve was swapped with the Synapse Synchronic BOV.

Results were astounding!!!

Conclusion: Boost kicked in earlier and torque increase towards higher rpms!!!

Installed Pics In A customer's Evo X With our Custom UICP and Hose Technique Silicon Hoses...[/b]


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