SSR Type F Rims

Selling at ( $500/Rim ) x 4, Price neg . Sms only 81254545
SSR Type F

The SSR Type F wheels offer the latest technology in high strength and low weight. The 18" x 11J wheels weighing just 9.21kg and offer an aggressive 12 spoke design in Flat Black, Star Bright Silver, Touring Gold or White finish.


•Hybrid 2 Piece structure with increased hardness and lightness
•Reinforced center ribs using the SSF method
•Double tapered center part for torque han

In 1991, SSR learned of the advanced technology known as Semi-Solid Forging (SSF). This technology was being used by the aircraft industry to manufacture parts that required low weight and reliability. SSR then acquired a license to use SSF technology from Alumax Laboratories. They conducted research and development for one year and created their patented wheel manufacturing plant in Nara, Japan. By combining the best features of casting and forging, SSR implemented them in the manufacturing process of SSF. Further research led scientists to develop a process whereby mixing alloys during the solidification process changed the original microstructure of the alloy from a branch-like structure to a globule granular structure. Alumax then perfected the aluminum stirring process, Magneto-Hydro Dynamics (MHD), and created the basis of SSF technology which results in a pure cylindrical alloy billet free of non-metals, gasses, oxides and other impurities. This MHD billet, when heated to a specific temperature, holds a semi-solid form. The billet is then pressed into a mold at a high rate keeping the preferred globule granular microstructure as the new shape is formed. The end product is very dense and strong. SSR is the only wheel manufacturer in the world to produce SSF aluminum wheels. SSR continues to research ways to further develop SSF, creating reliable, durable, and lightweight wheels.


Rim with Curbs , offset sticker at the back state 18X-9.0 -- 32 . Cut price cos i dun want to waste time. Prefer sms offer . Thks

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