SSP Titan Series Stage 3 "Pro track package"

SSP Titan Series Stage 3 "Pro track package"


This package has been specifically designed for Large turbo applications, and dedicated track cars.

SSP Titan Series "Pro Track Package" includes the following parts:

- SSP Pro Series Transmission Cooler
- SSP Pro Series High flow/high temp Mechanical Oil pump
- SSP Pro Gold Transmission Fluid (10 liters)
- SSP Deep Billet 60-61 Aluminum Transmission Pan
- SSP Pro Series 600HP Clutch Package (10 pack Full Race)
- SSP Pro Series High Temp. Viton Seal Package
- SSP Upgraded High Temp. Viton Main Shaft Seals
- SSP Reusable Inline Transmission Filter System
- SSP Upgraded C-clips
- AEM Digital Transmission Temp. Gauge
- Includes instructions and all mounting hardware

$4,199.00 (USD)

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