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It is with much sadness that I came back from my recent trips to find out so much had transpired in this forum and elsewhere in the local car forums.

The Pasar Malam forum continues a long tradition from the old SG Evo and the original Car Torque forums in Delphi that was meant to allow members a simple way to facilitate sales. From time to time, commercial entities have also used this channel to provide discounts and offers to the members.

But ultimately, the rule of Caveat Emptor (Buyers beware) still applies. Moderators cannot be expected to monitor originality and quality of the products on sale. Buyers and sellers are also expected to resolve any forms of disputes pertaining to their transactions as we do not hold any proprietary responsibility in the event of a dispute between buyers and sellers. Generally this system has served us well, and there has been a good deal of trust built up over time. It is with sadness that this trust has been broken or worse, exploited.

The primary objective of this board is to make it easy for forumers to trade items between one another. Please abide to the objective. And as ever, please practice your usual caution and judgement as you would when buying and selling in real life.
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