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Haven't really done much hard driving on the car since I am still running it in. But I have to say that it has been quite easy to keep below 3500rpm since this car has decent pull even when off-boost so you can still get ahead at traffic lights if you need to.

A lot of people have asked what driving it has been like... and you know? The truth is. It hasn't been all that special. Granted, I haven't been pushing this car. But I think all Evo owners have started taking this level of performance for granted, and it spoils you rotten when driving any other car.

The GTR simply feels like it is a grown up Evo.

The interior materials are better fitted and finished with good amount of leather feel and plushness on the steering wheel and on the dashboards. The seats are larger and more comfortable without trading off too much snugness which is great for the Evo owner who is on the wrong side of the BMI. Plus the convenience of electric seats to boot.

As I said: a grown up Evo.

The handling reminds me of the Evo too. I remember I was turning off at one highway and joining another in some unfamiliar part of Singapore and the slip road began tightening, and there I was barrelling down the corner with a 1.8 tonne behemoth with a speed that would have spelt trouble on other cars with this heft. But like the Evo, I modulated the throttle and held on to the steering wheel and it miraculously kept holding the line. And got me out of a potentially sticky situation. Just like the Evo.

It is almost as practical as the Evo too. Pretty large boot, great visibility and "sedan" like comfort, sacrificing only the rear doors and rear seats. Seating position, while not as tall as in the Evo, feels taller than most "sports" cars. This is great for visibility. I don't have this impending dread when I can't peer over grass hedges when I trying to join a major road from a small slip road, for instance. And I don't have to crawl into and out of the car. But I suspect the seat would be better if it was lower, when I am on the track. Guess that's a trade off I just have to live with.

For the most part, the GTR could double up like an upmarket Japanese daily driver except for two small niggles that probably wouldn't be an issue for Evo owners.

Strangely enough, the suspension isn't really an issue. In Comfort mode, it does work happily in most road conditions, bar the really bad surfaces that cover up MRT and underground tunnels. I'd say it was actually more comfortable than a basic Audi 2.0mu! In Normal, it's great for highway cruising and more spirited corners. In R-mode however, I am reminded of my old Ohlins where I felt my teeth were going to break off with every road surface imperfection.

The first issue is noise which detracts from the level of plushness in the cabin. The driveshafts (notice there are TWO!), the differentials and the gearbox make a fair amount of mechanical sounds at low speeds, and maintains the whine at high speeds.

And in slow traffic, I have noticed the DSG in Auto Mode hunts a bit before switching to 2nd gear. Usually this happens when I am on part throttle in first, then let off, because of heavy traffic. Not really a big deal. If I drive with a heavier right foot, it's gone. Switching to Snow mode seems to ease with the 1st-2nd gear transition but I'll have to experiment with it a bit more to be sure. The other alternative is to use Manual mode, which is a perfectly acceptable solution.
what about U-turns? isit as bad as the evo turning radius?

BTW, the keyless entry is auto detect like the merc? so when u come close to car it automiatically unlocks?
and what abt locking?


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what about U-turns? isit as bad as the evo turning radius?

Better than Evo surprisingly. I think can do in 2 lanes. No need 3.

BTW, the keyless entry is auto detect like the merc? so when u come close to car it automiatically unlocks?

Nope. Not auto unlock. There is a button next to the door handle.

It toggles between locking and unlocking (indicated by beep/indicator flash)

Similar to Lexus, I guess. I think probably more reassuring rather than walking away and wondering if the auto lock/unlock works.


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Filled up yesterday.

Running in and always checking the "E" mode on the MFD to monitor fuel consumption, was able to do 8.67 km/l combined. But this was closer to 80:20 highway/urban cycle.

But if you are going to go WOT at every traffic light (IMHO not needed with this much low end torque), the numbers WILL be dismal.

Then again, the old Evo adage applies: who buys a Evo (or GTR) for low FC! Buy a Latio!

The fact is that to have 8L combine is a excellent FC for a 3.8L TT car..

alot of ppl thinks it suck blah blah blah..

My ex-bos drive the VW SUV and was doing 4km/L... or the caymen s which does like 6km/l

so i will not complain...

btw, just saw the amuse car vid, if u lose the front seats, u save a heafty 37kg...


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If he loses the front seats, BK will be sitting on the floor :lol:

Suggesting he changes to bucket seats? Not sure if the GTR has seat pressure sensors or not. The Audi RS4 does, and it's a PITA to switch to racing bucket seats.


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Side airbags will affect changing seats?[/quote]

Dunno but on some cars, got airbag sensor attached to the seats, so if seats removed, kena airbag sensor check light.[/quote]


No more mods :D
i was just wondering for those that have collected your car, did you check if the undercover came with it?

I used to have a rex from a PI and they 'cheated' me on my engine undercover.. and it cost 600bucks..
That PI in West Coast rd.. name dun say liao...

so i guess yours is intact...

and the rear diffuser is also there?

I see from pix that only the exhaust pipings are expose... wonder if there is one that can cover up everything..

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