Potential SST problem!

Discussion in 'EVO X Tech Talk' started by oasisash78, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. crazmod

    crazmod New Member

    I have the same problem after I launch my a few time,
    Dvp can you supply me a new sst gearbox ?
    Do you know who can do the installation?
  2. dvp

    dvp Moderator

    I can help u to order one if u want, as for installation u will have to go to your own workshop. Removing a evo x gearbox is the same for most 4wd vehicles except subaru
    If u r under warranty, u may wish to proceed to ur local agent covering it for a check.

    Btw, to those reading this - TWM & LTM offers a extended warranty for sst gearboxes even though your car is a PI unit. But they will do the necessary checks b4 they allow you to purchase it.
  3. Mave7221

    Mave7221 Active Member

    Seems like there is 3~4 SST out there having shuttering problem at the same time . Scary .

    My is also shuttering and jerky when lifting and stepping Gently on throttle . But I suspect it is due to my new cams without tuning yet .

    Will update once my tuning finish next week .
  4. johnsingapore

    johnsingapore New Member

    Hi all. 4mths SST owner here.
    Just to share a little of my experience.
    My biggest concern is always the gearbox.
    When I took over the car in March, the previous owner did a piece junk work.
    Generally the car is healthy at 25k mileage but the mod job was in the mess.
    SST 4 diff oil was changed at 30k mileage.
    The car was loaded with 3inches straight pipes without a cat and JIC Magic dual at rear.
    No tuning was done and lots of low end torque was missing.
    In the engine compartment, I can tell some items has been demodded.
    Many original parts were not given to me.
    Now ... This is where I forced myself to learn working along the way.
    When the car have turbo pressure leak, it jerk some.
    When the car doesn't have good low end torque, it jerk a bit more.
    When the car doesn't have cat loaded up, the jerking adds up.
    When the car has an open pod CAI without a cooling plate blocked at fan, it adds up again.
    When the car jerk and jerk ... ECU learn and jerk more ... :lol:
    I guess is very important to flush and load in new SST oil earlier especially for those who often do aggressive driving.
    The fresh oil change does make a lot of difference. I feel smooth and gain some mileage.
    I take no chance, I am using original with Mits logo oil. :)
    I hope my info helps. 8)
  5. oasisash78

    oasisash78 Well-Known Member

    No cat will make the sst jerk?
  6. johnsingapore

    johnsingapore New Member

    If you are sensitive, you can feel a slight difference.
    Otherwise is not noticable. :)
    I bought mine without the Cat on, after I loaded up the Cat, the car gets smoother.
  7. Feelucky25

    Feelucky25 Well-Known Member

    Bro, if you changed the fluids and filter already and still having the same problem, than your clutch is gone.
    You don't have to change the whole transmission, just get the SSP clutch pack USD 1k and change out.
    Not sure which workshop can do the job, last i heard GR can do the installation but labour will be about 1.5k plus and 3 days down time or more or you can check out any other workshop "capable" of doing the job....
  8. lancer78

    lancer78 New Member

    Other than GR, the other big boys capable of changing R35 clutches are ST Power & MB Motors will be capable enough to handle the clutch change on a SST
  9. syong888

    syong888 Member

    Whoever has done it, please review as I am interested as well :)
  10. senz118

    senz118 New Member

    im facing the same problem here as well..with the shuttering and jerking. sigh. any solutions yet?

    just changed the MAF sensor, still the same. Will upgrading the clutch pack from SSP really help? cause i feel like the clutch is gone though..and i dont have the sports mode feel , kinda lost it. Everytime on sports mode,also feel like normal mode. sian la..
  11. playerbanker74

    playerbanker74 Well-Known Member

    How often you use sport mode & how many times did u use super sport to launch.
    If your car is tuned likely clutch worn off.
  12. senz118

    senz118 New Member

    Not sure bout the previous owner, but i never launched it before. Not always using sports mode also after i got this car. Car is stock..

    Noob question - what shoud i do if the clutch worn off ? can we change afternarket clutches on SST Transmission or something? felt like clutch 1-2 slipped.

    Not sure if anyone has encountered this problem. Not sure whats going on as well, i lost sports mode and S-Sports Mode. No Power at all :( anyone help? changing ABS sensor in a few days time. hope that will solve my prob..update soon
  13. syong888

    syong888 Member

    Anyone did clutch pad upgrade, mind to share?
  14. evo211

    evo211 Member

  15. playerbanker74

    playerbanker74 Well-Known Member

    Maybe you can try MB motorsports , try give them a ring.
  16. Geeksha

    Geeksha New Member

    Hi there,

    Just digging up this old thread.

    My car is having same issue (1) and (2) with OP. The shuddering occurs when I move off and it’s more pronounced on an upslope. Can anyone who had previously managed to resolve this shuddering problem share your solutions?


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