*NEW! PPG Evo X 6 Speed Sequential Gear Kit for 5Spd Evo X!*


The New PPG 6 Speed Sequential Gear Kit for 5 Speed Manual Evo X are here!!!!

Convert your 5 Speed Gearbox into a 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox !!!!

From PPG:
"Designed to fit into the standard OE Mitsubishi gearbox casing
without modification, the PPG kit features sequential-barrel dog
engagement on all six gears. It also includes a reverse detent lockout
system and is even compatible with a standard clutch.
Using PPG’s proven designs, the box offers drivers light, but
positive, gear selection and allows for changes to be made at
higher engine revs without using the clutch. A fitting kit,
incorporating linkage, lever and a gear position potentiometer, is
also available."

For full details and prices, please contact Uber Garage!!!