Need Advice on Cooling System

Hi guys,

I am facing some problem with my cooling system on my E8.

As we all understand, when the water in the radiator reach a certain tempreture/pressure, it will flow into the overflow tank and the water will flow back into the radiator when the car is turn off and left to cool down.

The situation which i am facing is, the water from the overflow tank does not go back into the radiator and it will remain very full (way over the MAX line). And when i open the radiator cap, i wound need to top up about one cup of water every morning.

The water temp seems ok with no overheating signs, radiator cap is 1.3 and very new. Thermosat is new too. No obvious leaks or signs of leaks can be seen on any of the hoses. I have done the pressure test with some "pump gadget" but the pressure gauge shows no sign of leakage.

I have some mild mods done to my car and don't really "wack" my car very hard.

Would be most wonderful and helpful if anyone could give advice on this problem.

Thank you!!

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