Need advice for hid conversion

hi everyone, I'm driving an evo 9rs and I'm running on normal halogen bulb for lights. recently my hi beam gave up on me so while dwelling over the option of replacing my bulb I thought abt hid conversion.I then decided to enquire with a workshop about such conversion as I'm vaguely aware that the ballast etc may need to be changed. The shop reverted and told me that If I want them to do a HID conversion for your car, I'll need to get a kit from them. The HID conversion kit comes with ballast, HID bulbs. The price for the HID kit include the installation is $230. this came as a pleasant surprise as I thought the conversion would be costlier but I thought I better ask the bros here about the viability of such conversion and any other considerations which I might have overlooked. I've hethanard that the harness and wirings need to be altercated in some cases as well. If so, when will such changes be necessary? Is such conversion advisable? Last but not least, many thanks in advance for helping me with this enquiry. If you should have any reliable workshop who have done such conversion without glitches, could u pm me as well? Thank you very much once again. :)


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I think the HID ballast and kit (for the GSR model) are available from the stockist. They should be compatible with the 9 RS.

But I stand corrected.

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