Lelong sale lots of parts


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Tein super racing with EDFC (no sound no leak)- 4000
Tomei L size fuel regulator- 80
Stock cams- 150
Stock fuel rail - 150
Tial Q50 BOV (silver colour)- 250
HKS EVC 6- 450
Sard anti-surge tank w/ all fuel lines & 400lph pump- 1000
Aeromotion R.dynamic- 3800
Aims MXL pista data logger w/ optic transmitter- 1800
Forged engine top plus lower block( BC stroker kit cosworth mx1 cams w/ valve spring) ask me for full specs - lelong price call to discuss
Tomei valve spring- 100
Tonnka test pipe- 100
Agency power full 3 inch catback exhaust - 500
HKS full down pipe kit w/ wastegate - 1500
Tomei expreme full titanium single tip w/ Ti test pipe - 1200
Brembo racing monoblock large four pot front - 2300
Brembo racing monoblock four pot rear - 1800
Volks racing te37sl - 2500
BC strokerkit ( crank and rod)- 1800

Prices are negotiable
Pls do own research on items thks
Interested pls sms me at 93867239 Jerry


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great wonderfull seller . deal with his oil cooler never give bracket agree to pay on half , but mia reject call . wish you luck bro