Is evo10 as potential as evo9?


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hondataa said:
Any bros can share n comment?
Cheers :)
Yes... although alot of comments on the strength of the block but personally felt that 4b11 have abit more room to play than the 4g63. Take a look at SR20DET performance and we should have a gauge on the power an aluminium block can churn out without breaking apart.... :p


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check out some of the dyno/tuning shown in the far I've been totally blown away by the power/torque gains just with basic bolt-ons (exhaust, air intake etc)...

There are EvoXs in US running on stock turbo and engine with 400 over horses and 500 over torque at wheel...that's freaking amazing...
I think overall, difficult to give a full answer to this question at this stage.

Speaking of the engine alone, it is clear that the 4b11t responds more to bolt-ons than the 4g63. Meaning that for light to moderate mods, Evo X > Evo 9.

But it is unclear whether the ultimate potential for big hp (over 500 hp crank) is comparable - the 9 had a cast iron block, and those are known for being very strong. The Aluminium block of the X is unproven at those levels of power. Even if that power is achievable, longevity is an unanswered question.

That's for MT. For the SST, there are other issues about how much power the transmission can take. For big power, I think it's still safest to go with an MT, at least it'll be much cheaper to repair or replace an MT.

Since the Evo X starts out heavier than the 9, you'll need a small boost in power just to keep up in a straight line (so the X has to play a bit of catch-up). Handling wise, I think the X is supposed to be better, so the differences may not be apparent on a circuit.

So those are the considerations, you can draw your own conclusions. :mrgreen:

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