How do I register for an account on SGEVOCLUB.COM ?


Staff member
Question: I have registered for a new account on the forum but the account is never activated. What happened?

Answer: Currently a manual process is enforced to approve all new accounts. We receive approximately 300-400 registrations per day, and the bulk of it is due to the automated SPAM bots. There is no effective way to stop these SPAM bots, and the best way is for myself to approve all these new accounts manually. Among all these new registrations could be your userid. Usually I will try to scrutinize the list, but there could be times when I might miss your userid and mark them for deletion.

If you have waited for 2-3 days and still cannot get your new account activated, your best bet is to ask your fellow SGEvoclub forumers to drop myself a private PM with your nick that you will be using. Please re-register that nick (since it's most probably deleted), and I will keep a lookout for it and approve it accordingly.

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