Hi to the red X on PIE this afternoon

Hi if u r reading this(SJA3***),i know u trying to overtake me...but u exit at clementi ave6.i am the black X with gold rims,just wanna say hi n dun speed around that stretch many TP,cheers!! :p
Hi bro, was not trying to overtake u.....had my family in car....juz wanna catch up with u n say hi too...
btw...is sja 2***cheers....
any chances ur car can be seen from street 42??i see a red X there at night but too dim to see the reg plate..at the carpark of blk 400+.
Lmodel said:
frank said:
yup.... staying in west side and have met a couple of friendly blue evo 9 around this area....
West side + Friendly + Blue + Evo 9 = anyone calling me??? :D

yup....juz pay for some drinks when we meet up next and you are the man!!!! :lol: :lol:
west side evos owners PM me la...leave down ur contacts n i will sms u all n any suggestion where to go??that satay club in cck farmway???


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Bro how you do the speed cut and how much? What exhaust you using, HKS?

sparco635 said:
frank said:
so far any mod on the X?i did the speed cut n changed the exhaust....guess the suspension is next...stock suspension feels like floating around 200km/h althought the car is heavy..

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