Head Gasket Leak - SST


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Mileage is at 180K and guess it was about time something in the engine gave way.. :D .

The symptom was coolant spray from the radiator cap only during boost...
Did a radiator coolant pressure test and found that there was a pressure drop from 15 to 10 psi.

Checked with the guru and he confirmed my suspicion that the leak was indeed from the head gasket.
Compression pressure from the cylinder block was leaking into the coolant ports ..... :( $$$$

Drove without boosting for a about 2 weeks while waiting for my ARP studs to arrive as i couldn't get OEM Head bolts from any of the distributors, why they don't carry stock, i don't know.

Since the head was going to be taken apart, got the workshop to order all the parts following parts to change out at the same time.

1) Valve Timing Chain - 1005A966
2) Timing Chain Tensioner - 1140A073
3) Cylinder Head Gasket - 1005A966
4) Chain Guide - Loose Side - MN183892
5) Chain Guide - Tension Side - 1141A004
6) Oil Pump Drive Chain - 1141A004
7) Tensioner, Oil Pump Chain - MN183898
8) Balancer Guide, Oil Pump Chain - MN183897
9) Crankshaft Front Seal - 1052A809
10) Amsoil, 10W40 - 4.5 Quarts
11) OEM Coolant - 4 Liter
12) OEM Oil Filter
13) ARP Head Studs - 207-4206

The Timing Chain exclamation check light did not appear but when the chain was pulled out, noticed that it was stretched by about 1/2".
Also had to deck/skim the cylinder head as that was the cause of the gasket failure, slight warp between cylinders 2 and 3.
The job took 4-1/2 days and am please with the workmanship, service and most importantly the part that hits one's pocket, which was below what i had expected or budgeted for.....no carrots here :lol:

Anyway, car runs like a charm now...no more idling issue which was the norm before...
Also noticed the throttle response is much better and less boost required for the same power.

Oh...i also noticed a 4" hairline crack on the exhaust manifold runner, not an issue now but am looking to change it out at a later date and am leaning toward the MAP Cast one. Appreciate if anyone who have installed one can share a short review with me through PM.

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