Due to popular public request, and to celebrate our new partnership with South Side Performance, we are launching a group buy for the SSP Evo X Aluminium Undertray for all interested parties.

Cut off date of this group buy is 18 July 2012.

Interested parties must make payment @ our office before the cutoff date.

Here's what SSP has to say about their great product:

"After seeing no real solution for a proper Under panel for the Evo X, we at South Side Performance took it upon our selves to come up with a solution.

No other under panel currently on the market offers the level of protection, and 100% coverage for the underside of the car. We have added extra louvers for added cooling benefits, while keeping the bottom as flat as possible for added aerodynamics benefits, and greater down force. We have also integrated access panels for easy oil filter and drain plug access. Our under panel bolts right up to the oem fender liners and inner fender well so everything will be secure. And if that isn't enough for you we have done all this while still maintaining ALL factory holes and oem bolt locations!

The SSP Underpanel is the culmination of many hours of problem solving geared towards the Evo X front bumper assembly. The SSP Underpanel protects the engine from road debris, and reinforces the bumper cover at high speeds. Using 3D Solidworks computer design, SSP has created an indestructible, one-piece design made from 6061-T billet aluminum. This panel is designed not to bend or shatter on impact. The panel comes finished in Satin Black for maximum protection against road grime and corrosion. Fits all 2007-2012 Evo X MR and GSR models. Kit comes with all hardware, parts, and instructions, and takes approximately 2 hours to install."

LIST PRICE WITH SSP W/O USD $375, Shipping @ USD$180/pc
RRP SGD $720
I'm in for this! Will drop by next week to make payment. Will there be a better price if there are over a certain number of orders?