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Another group chat?! Yes it is! You asked why? Some things better left unanswered.

As techonologies advances, now all upgraded to Whatsapp Group Chat loh.

The intention of this creation was to bring along all Evos owners Current or even Ex Owners as a community for everyone. Why Ex? Maybe you can still find your ex ride running on the road if you still have your chassis number hehe.

Who owns and runs SG Evo Club
In reality, nobody owns SG Evo Club as this is a open community. However, although we exist in the cyberspace, real bills have to be paid (for the dedicated server, hosting, necessary software licenses etc). These bills have been paid by silvermail for the past 4 years.
In Whatsapp group, no one runs it, no one owns it, Its for everyone!

I don believe in Single out anyone, I don choose who should stay or who should leave. All who came in are responsible for his/her own actions just like the forum.
You are free to pop me a message via Whatsapp 94526985 to be added in.

Something about me:
I join this forum in 20 Oct 2005 during the period when the migration over from Delphiforums. We all used to be from there before here. I drove a E8 GSR S/R then. Fastward, i still love it and now owns a E9 GT.
Some farking OLD BIRD KU KU JIAO i am liao despite i am very young loh LOLz
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