Evo x sst potential buyer

Hi all,

Considering to buy this unit that is less than 2yrs old asking for more than $16k depreciation. If i buy from direct owner, other units selling at slightly higher than $14k depreciation. Other dealer units going at about $15k depreciation.

http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info ... 97&DL=2482

1. Anyone knows previous owner? Selling high price cos of high coe. Less than 8k mileage dunno really true.

2. What is the last production date of evo x? 2011 c&c still selling?

3. What is a coilover that gives good handling but still as comfy as stock? I will track occasionally but don't wanna forego comfort. I now driving a ctr and the suspension is too hard for family. Wanna lower the car cos stock so high.

4. Sst cooler from what i read hks more reliable. Only garage r sells?

5. This unit has the rockford woofer in the boot. Will i be able to fit my stroller inside? I own a bugaboo bee. Not say very big lah.

Thanks for all answers!

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