Evo X Party At National Stadium


Dunno if this has been posted but here it is:


Evo X Launch Party
16th Feb 2008 Saturday
6.30 pm at National Stadium East Entrance

Group N rally driver Taguchi showing off his skills.

Who's going man? I'll go look see the rally driving show and have a final look at our grand old lady the National Stadium....and also the race queens lah :)



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Lets all meet up and go together then..

So can we confirm that we shall meet at the Mc Donalds carpark around 5pm?

At least we have time to get to know each other and appreciate each other's ride..

And not forgetting, there would be some whom will be late!

Do invite other members as well ya and we can all go there as a group :)




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Well, I do not have a problem with that..

Its always cool to have new friends in the club... So, you have my vote... see ya

Guys & gals, need you to confirm whether we're meeting at Mc Donalds Kallang open carpark on the 16th Feb 08 at 5pm...

1. Rossgm1978: Going
2. CwestevoX: Going
3. Jackge: Going?
4. Massiverob27: Going?
5. Darevo: Going?
6. Yeek: Going?

Honestly, I don't mind other car models to join us for we all appreciate race cars of different types and models. I hope we all have our minds open and welcome whoever wants to join..

More friends... more fun :)

So.. keep the namelist long and if possible include your mobile numbers and car type so that we all can keep a lookout for you once we're at the carpark..right...

Cheers for now
cheers Ross, I will be driving a Civic FD (8th gen) black with Mugen kit (w/o spoiler) and 18' rims, I will send U by PM my contact number. Thanks for organising and see ya at kallang Mac.

Well done guys..

Do invite other friends of yours...

I'm driving a black and red Mitsubishi Colt 1992.

Do contact me on the day itself when you're at the carpark.

HP: 96211675.

Remember, be there at 5.00pm Mc Donalds.
Come on guys & gals..

Lets meet up for once... at least?

16th February 08
Venue: Mc Donalds Kallang Car Park
Time: 5pm

Purpose: TCSS, appreciate other's ride, make friends.. convoy to launching party.

Party starts at 6.30pm, but we meet at 5pm alright..

Ok Ross, perhaps I can ask my friends (not a lot thou) to drop by also if ya dun mind... then we will do a big convoy to there... cross my fingers...cheers!

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