Airtrekers, come here..... kekekkee

Discussion in '* Air Trek Corner' started by ta221, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. ta221

    ta221 Well-Known Member

    Any airtrekers looking around??.... please drop by :) :lol: :D

    Must thank our host for making this corner for airtrekers :p 8) :D
  2. DoggieHowser

    DoggieHowser Moderator Staff Member

    Eh, boss..

    Why not spread the word around for the ATR guys... lemme know the userids, and I'll activate the account for them here :p

    If you need more subfolders, lemme know...
  3. CCx4

    CCx4 New Member

    CCx4 reporting, Sir! sir... sir... sir... sir... sir... (echo) :)

    Eh... very quiet here, leh. Our ATR bro's not aware of this little niche graciously provided by our Evo bro's yet ah? kekeke. Must tell them later during Kopi session, no?
  4. ta221

    ta221 Well-Known Member

    haha, maybe we should start a roadshow??... 8) :wink:
  5. ta221

    ta221 Well-Known Member

    sure, sure..... thankQ for open this corner for atr guys ... :D :)
  6. eWagon

    eWagon New Member

    Yes...phpBB is much better than delphi (basic). :)
  7. Evo9161

    Evo9161 Well-Known Member

    u have to be the moderator in this column... hehehe
  8. kai3323

    kai3323 Well-Known Member

    **Retired** Airtrekkers can bo???:))
  9. ta221

    ta221 Well-Known Member

    I waited till now before i reply you just to confirm your 'retirement' is permanent..... kekeke
  10. civicxtreme

    civicxtreme Member

    Reporting....Hehhehe :D
  11. nismofans

    nismofans Member

    wah after so long finally got to have full modded sgevoclub forum

  12. ta221

    ta221 Well-Known Member

    you took a very long time to reach here :D :D :D

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