3/4 tank offence, fine $500 & jail 2 wks!

Man threw away three chances to come clean on 3/4 tank offence, fine $500 and jail two weeks

1 Andreas had three chances to come clean that he had insufficient motor spirit below the three-quarter tank mark. In all three times, he maintained to the officer who checked him that his fuel tank was full. Therefore, for failing to have the minimum three-quarter tank of motor spirit in his vehicle’s fuel tank when attempting to leave Singapore, and for giving false information to the officer inspecting the fuel gauge of his vehicle, Andreas was convicted by the Court on 2 December 2008 and sentenced to a fine of $500 or in default one week imprisonment and two weeks jail respectively.

2 On 1 December 2008, Andreas drove his vehicle through the Woodlands Checkpoint to enter Malaysia. He was asked twice by an Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer if he had at least three-quarter tank of petrol. On both times, Andreas maintained that the fuel gauge reading was correct. During the course of inspection, the ICA officer noticed a remote control found in the car suspected to be used for tampering with the fuel gauge reading. The ICA officer asked Andreas for the third and final time whether the fuel gauge had been tampered, Andreas still denied vehemently that any tampering had been made to the vehicle. The remote control was subsequently activated, and the fuel indicator moved downwards towards the “Empty” level, indicating that the fuel level was well below the three-quarter mark. Singapore Customs then took over the case. Andreas was arrested and charged in Court on 2 December 2008.

3 Tampering with the fuel gauge of the vehicle so that it gives a false reading that the amount of fuel in the fuel tank is three-quarters full is a serious offence. Singapore Customs has successfully prosecuted seven persons for tampering with their car fuel gauges from 2006 to date. All offenders were convicted and were sentenced to both fines and imprisonment.

This year, Andreas was the fourth person convicted for the offence. Furthermore, from 2006 to date, more than 7,370 motorists had been fined for not having at least three-quarter tank of petrol when leaving Singapore.

Under the law, Singapore-registered cars must have at least three-quarter tank of petrol when departing Singapore. Motorists are advised against any attempts to infringe the rule given the stringent checks at the checkpoints. Those caught with less than three-quarter tank of petrol can be fined up to $500.

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