evo 9

  1. L


    sold to a steady bro.
  2. LazyBoy

    Proper Spring rate for Evo 9

    First, if you don't really care about performance, then it doesn't matter. Get coilovers and get the drop you want. You can close this thread now. But if you do care about performance, you're doing yourself and your car a disservice by getting the incorrect spring rates. Second, I'm not going...
  3. Superfamm

    WTB E9 Aircon Control Panel

    See image. Pls SMS to 975773for6 to offer
  4. LazyBoy

    WTS : AEM Series 2 ECU , BC & Filter for EVO 9

    1) AEM MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION IX SERIES 2 EMS [30-6320] AEM's Series 2 Plug & Play Engine Management System (EMS) for racing vehicles plugs directly into a vehicle's factory ECU harness and requires no additional wiring or hardware. ECU have just been sent back to AEM Factory as USA for...
  5. K

    WTB stock E9 enkei rims

    I'm looking for a set of stock E9 enkei rims.