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    Evo 9 Items (New)

    How much for the arc manifold cover? Thanks.
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    Bump. Fast deal @ $200
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    Enkei RCT4 Competition Rims for Sale

    Enkei RCT4 competition rims for sale. Kerb rash is standard but still on original hyper silver paint work. My loss is your gain. Price are firm @ 1.1k with no tires. Specs 18x9.5 et30 5x114.3
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    Letting my CF rear boot for e9 at $300. Price is firm. Recently just relacquer and holes are drilled out for stock spoiler. There are other holes that are patch up and can’t really be seen. Please pm me if keen and only be able to deal at the price. Item still on my car.
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    Wtb stock Evo 9 rim lug nuts

    Looking for the above. Please PM me to deal. Thanks.
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    WTB: Original Voltex Type 5

    Sell you for $1
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    E9 Knock Thru Catalytic Converter

    Selling the above as I have no use for it. Fast deal @ $200. PM me to deal.
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    Sold to a steady bro.
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    sold to a steady bro.
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    Carbon Fiber fender with Varis Add on

    Please pm if keen on the above. Recently just clear coated and item in good condition. Looking at $350 to clear. Please PM to deal. Thanks.
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    Advan Racing RS-D

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    WTS : Exedy HD Twin Plate

    Roughly what is the cost to repad? Thanks.
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    Knock thru cat

    Hi. Found one and thanks.