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    Evo10 sst

    Looking around for a good cond SST. Pls watspp jason at 96947369 cheers
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    Its been a looong time

    Hi to all .. had a 10 GSR for awhile back in 2008. Sold it off due to knee probs and cant drive a manual. The terrible itch is back and looking for a SST this time. Any bros planning to let go ?
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    WTS Walbro 255 fuel pump

    Hi guys.. Letting go a good condition used Walbro 255 for only $80...Best price..collection in the east area..Please sms,watsapp me @ 96947369. Will reply asap as I'm always not in Spore. Cheers to all :D
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    Disappointed, despite attending four KOPI sessions.... :(

    Haha...its not me too...though i'm approaching the 40th year of my life... And i look 'younger' right Stan? :D
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    WTS : Brand new tyres, 265,35,R18

    Tyres sold...Thanks :D
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    WTS : Brand new tyres, 265,35,R18

    Hi Guys Selling 4 x Brand new tyres. Good year RS Sports 265, 35 ,R18 Date of manufacture : 40plus weeks of 08. Tyres kept in shady storeroom. New from reputable tyre store cost $330 each. Pls sms your best offer ,CASH N CARRY in the west No low ballers pls. Thanks guys! 96947369
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    why Evo X

    Yup...Like wat LCL says...the turning radius sucks...But everything's cool big time :D
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    New Owner.

    Bro..You gotta have super strong will power just to keep mods to a minimum! Just like me! :D
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    WTS - Kakimoto Exhaust @$1300 (Used, 1 yr old) *Priced down

    Re: WTS - Kakimoto Exhaust @$1500 (Used, 1 yr old) Upz for u bro :D
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    WTS:EVO X 08 jun GSR (MT)

    Woow...That's one quick transition bro...Ups for ya!!! :bounce:
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    short shifter

    Hi bro demonyi,it was bro SK (whiteice) who started the last group buy ya...Was quite tough with all the shippin and collection. But thanks to SK, we all got our shifters... :D
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    Where to get spare tires

    Yup..Of coz i know u r J.A bro... :D
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    Where to get spare tires

    haha...'goldmine' shiok wat...u dun visit there regularly meh?? :D I'm goin on 1st day of CNY (318 somemore)ya!! wanna join me?? :D
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    New FC recorded for my Evo X

    Was pretty light footed on this tank and not much of city drivin thou...My wifey drove a fair bit too and she's easy on the gas pedal too :D
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    Where to get spare tires

    Yo bro..see whether your fav workshop where you usually service your ride got any spares to let you 'borrow' for the trip...Anyway nice meetin you in 'GOLDMINE' couple of weeks ago :D
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    New FC recorded for my Evo X

    Hit a new record today for 435km mark, indicator lighted up.Drove till 456.5km and top up max of 47.02 litres of ron98 juice.My personal best record...hahaha :D Btw its a 5mt E10
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    WTB: Bicycle rack

    Hi bro scoobysix..understand what u meant..Was at trail today too with some friends.Bike's super muddy too..My kaki bought another rack today..Might need to sell my 'used twice' saris bone 3 already. :D
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    WTB: Bicycle rack

    I got it from TWO WHEELER ACTION in clementi.Almost all leading bike stores have them.The new 4 points harness rack seems interestin thou.Worth to compare new(4 pts) and old model(6 pts) and their prices. :D
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    WTB: Bicycle rack

    hi bro..i bought mine for 230 for 3 bikes at a bike store.Brand's SARIS BONE 3.BONE 2 is for 2 bikes.its a 6 point harness.Latest model has 4 points only,but its slightly more ex ya.Hope you find wat u lookin for. :D