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  1. fq400

    WTS: Ferodo Brake Pads DS1.11 for Mitsubishi Evolution 10

    Selling used Ferodo Brake Pads DS1.11 (Front and Rear) for Evo X stock Brembo Brakes. Used once, like new. The main characteristics of DS1.11 are: High coefficient of friction (0,50) at all speeds and temperatures Excellent life of pad and disc High initial bite Predictability and control...
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    WTS: Used Apexi RSM with G-Sensor

    Selling used Apexi RSM with G-sensor - S$350 Excellent working condition. SMS 81022788
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    Greddy InfoMeter (Used)

    Greddy InfoMeter - S$400 (Good condition, screen no scratches, comes with box, manual and wiring) Powerful and user-friendly, the new Info-Touch provides advanced engine monitoring, with touch screen ease. Installation of the 3.5” Color TFT unit is made simple with the provided OBD/CAN and 12V...
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    Looking for E9 Steering Wheel

    Anyone letting go, pls PM me the price... Thank you :D
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    WTS: Some items for sale (last call)

    1. Ferodo DS 1.11 brake pad front and rear (Used for 1 track day only, like new, very good for track) - S$500 (spent abt 1K to ship them in, not in SG market, price in Website is in USD currency) ... evo-x.html ...
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    Parts for sale

    BuddyClub P1 QF 17x8JJ +38 gunmetal colour (no scratches) - S$1500 RE002 tires 235/45/17 (80 left) - S$500 EVO X Rotora slotted rotors fronts - S$550, rear - S$450 HKS EVC5 good condition - S$300 Whatapps or sms 9871 0250 :D Please do not PM and low ballers stay away. :wink:
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    Used CF Boot with key hole

    Selling a used brand-less CF Boot with key hole. Item out from car and ready for collection. Looking cheap cheap at 250 only....Fast hand fast leg, cash and carry get further discount. Condition is 9/10. 81022788 :D
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    WTS: Used Greddy profec B2 Boost Controller

    Post on behalf of a Bro who sold his ride recently. Item is already out of car, good working condition and 1st Owner (not a resale resale item). Selling at S$350 firm. Interested party pls SMS 97667008 Ronald. :D TY
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    4B11 maybe slower than 4G63 but read on... ... %E2%80%99/ :D
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    Brand New TiAL MV-S 38mm V-Band External Wastegate

    Selling the above item @ S$400 (Cash and Carry) :D Sms 81022788 (LB stays away...Thanks) :wink: Selling the item at lowest price...
  11. fq400

    COE Result (OCT 2nd Rd) CAT B @ 75K :D
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    Looking for Stock turbo hose (not sure what is it called)

    I'm looking for the stock (black) rubber hose that connects the solenoid to the actuator for Evo X. Normally, such hoses will be replaced by silicon hose that comes with HKS EVC, Blitz ID3 or any boost controller. Noticed I didn't kept mine when I removed my Blitz ID3...anyone who knows what...
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    Chilli Red Evo X along Upper Thomson Road 03 Oct 1pm plus

    Hope Uncle Sam didn't caused you much trouble bro. Saw you kenna pull over by Uncle Sam... :? I was travelling along the opposite direction when it happened. I'm the Maple Leaf Red Evo X with very soft exhaust note...Think you and Uncle Sam didn't even know I was there... :( All the best...
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    X'mas sale: Evo X parts to sell

    Selling the upgrading parts below. 2. Used CF boot with keyhole, with third brake light. - S$300 (item out of car, Cash and Carry, lowest lowest price) Not Fuji or Nippon made, Probably Taiwan or China made. 3. Cusco Zero 1 Sports coilover upgrading spring rate F12/R10 - S$200 (Springs only)...
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    Interests Check

    anyone interested to GB Luqui Moly w50 engine oil? price ard S$100 for 4 litres McGard (1 set of 20 nuts) ? 16 lug nuts and 4 wheel lock, price ard S$200 per set :D :D :D
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    WTS: Beatrush Partition Panel & CF Boot

    Selling the above 2 items, both used. 1. Beatrush partition panel for trackies who wants to remove the back seats, this is a good option. - S$280 2. CF boot with keyhole, DON'T need to swop with tail light and third brake light. Boot comes with Third Brake light and Tail lights that is on the...
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    What does torque in a car really mean ?
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    EVO X GSR (RED) for sale

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    Western Bar (Great place for chill out) ... 53?sk=info I'm a food lover who wants to share. Just visited Western Bar (No. 8 Jalan gelenggang S578190) owned by one of the Evo Bro Adrian, Western Bar serves good quality foods, reasonable price, no GST no service charge. Ambient is good. I have...
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    FS: Clutch Master Cylinder with AMS ring

    Selling the above Rotora Single/Solid Piece Drilled and Slotted front rotors...same size as stock, direct bolt-on, not modification required. Item already out of car, good braking power compare to stock rotors, good for street use. Looking @ 300 nego. 81022788 :D