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  1. khaychun

    WTS: HKS GTII 8262 turbo

    no shaft play no oil leak good for >400whp n 55kg tq on a sad dyno Not modded in any way Comes with original HKS actuator PM to offer.
  2. khaychun

    Wts: Nitron R3 3 ways damping coilover

    Highest spec coil for e10 from nitron. Spring rate 16kg front 14kg rear. Titanium finishing so very light. 3 way damping to achieve the perfect cornering. Very reliable coilover. Canisters can easily be hidden. Pm your best reasonable offers. Low ballers - don't bother. Time wasters - don't...
  3. khaychun

    Wts: forged engine block plus upper block

    Selling my spare engine block Stock lower block Brand new Darton sleeved Sleeved by golden eagles in USA Upper block with oversized valves Port polished Stock crankshaft Girdle Oil sump Stock displacement Rebuilding ready Save very long downtime sleeving Pm your best offer!
  4. khaychun

    WTS: HKS Type R Intercooler

    This is not the type S intercooler. Thickest and widest intercooler in the market. UICP is one of the largest in the market. LICP brand new, never installed. PM your best offer!
  5. khaychun

    WTS: Branded Turbo Outlet

    PM to offer.
  6. khaychun

    WTS: 2 sets of Morosso Oil Catch Tank

    PM to offer.
  7. khaychun

    WTS: Original Tomei titanium single tip exhaust

    Full titanium from test pipe to exhaust. Exhaust is damn light. PM to offer.
  8. khaychun

    WTS: Fuel surge tank and external fuel pump

    Fuel smell free setup. PM to offer.
  9. khaychun

    WTS: Random Mods

    1. Cusco (566 492 FF) power brace - sold 2. Ultra racing room bar - sold 3. Whiteline 27mm front sway bar (aka anti roll bar) - sold 4. Whiteline 27mm rear sway bar - sold 6. Cusco full set of solid engine mounts (extensively seasoned, not for softcores) 7. Sard 850cc injectors (comes with...
  10. khaychun

    wts: Endless Monoblock Brake Kit

    Original Endless front 6 pots monoblock, rear 4 pots monoblock. Iconic endless dull green colour with red wordings. Superb braking power. Never being tracked before. Comes with front and rear floating rotors, as well as steel braided hoses. Braking feel very progressive and very firm compared to...
  11. khaychun

    Wts stock rear bumper

    Modified stock rear bumper with side brake vents by lye design. Blue in color. Comes with cf rear diffuser. Selling as is. Pm to offer.
  12. khaychun

    Wts original hks type 1 turbo timer

    Pm to offer...
  13. khaychun

    Wts original defi gauges

    Selling the following original defi gauges. All black face white lights, unless otherwise stated. All meters are fully functional. All sensors are original and fully functional except 1 of the engine oil temp. Oil temp Water temp Boost Oil press Fuel press Exhaust temp Oil temp (black face, red...
  14. khaychun

    Clearing store room sale

    1. seidoya racing front pads for stock brembo (500-900 degrees) 2. Slotted DBA 330mm rear rotors (about 50% left) 3. FQ400 styled PU material front car plate holder 4. WeaponR UICP LICP (UICP modded for better fitting) 5. Original bride bucket seat rail 6. Original Apexi air intake with...
  15. khaychun

    WTS: Original Sparco Pro2000 Full Bucket Seat

    Original Sparco Pro2000 full bucket seat 5 point safety harness ready very comfy seat for long drives Comes with kidney cushion fits E10 with some slight limitation, suits XL size, comes with sparco brackets and Bride seat rail Some slight wear and tear near the hip and shoulder region. PM to offer.
  16. khaychun

    Wts original Varis side skirts

    Unpainted frp complete with cf under flaps. Helps with aerodynamics. Pm to offer.
  17. khaychun

    Wts original cwest front bumper

    As above. Version 2 not version 1. Sprayed phantom black. Lower but less front protruding than Varis. Plenty of enlarged air inlets compared to stock and other front bumpers. Left car on c west, right on Varis. Pm to offer.
  18. khaychun

    Wts brand new egr head lamp protector

    As above. Pm to offer.
  19. khaychun

    Wts original victory function Evo 10 fenders

    Only 2 in sg. Sprayed phantom black. Pm to offer. Please do your homework before offering. Thanks.