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  1. silvermail

    Forum not active

    Well said bro.
  2. silvermail

    Forum not active

    Welcome! Most of us have changed our cars. And the population of EVOs ain't that big in Singapore anyway.
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    SGEvoClub Frequently Asked Questions

    Haha yeah, we should do a catch up one of these days..
  4. silvermail

    SGEvoClub Frequently Asked Questions

    Some caching problem. Hopefully it will resolve after a while.
  5. silvermail

    SGEvoClub Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi all, We have just upgraded to v2.0 of the forum software. This is a brand new release, so let me know if things looks a bit quirky.
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    A SG Evo Track Day 2018?

    Count me in please!
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    New member

    Welcome to the forum!
  8. silvermail

    How many IX left?

    Probably not a lot left. So sad that there's no more new Evolutions anymore...
  9. silvermail

    New forum software

    Small thing, had a couple of hours to spare today. :)
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    New forum software

    Hello all, We have just migrated to the new forum software platform. Please feedback issues or suggestions that you may have. Cheers.
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    SGEvoClub Frequently Asked Questions

    We had a server failure and I was overseas and couldn't recover the data remotely. Thankfully one of the bros went down to the data centre and plugged out the hard drives. But it took me a while to restore the data and to reconfigure everything "from scratch".
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    WTS: AEM meth kit brand new full set

    Peace bros. No wars in this forum.
  13. silvermail

    WTS Item

    Do not cross-post to so many different folders. Moving this to the Buy/Sell (General Items) folder.
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    Can you stop cross-posting your Sale items to all the Buy & Sell folders? Just post them into the "General Items" folder.
  15. silvermail

    How do I register for an account on SGEVOCLUB.COM ?

    Question: I have registered for a new account on the forum but the account is never activated. What happened?
  16. silvermail

    RE30 for sales

    Moving it to the General Buy/Sell folder. Please stop spamming all the Buy & Sell folders with your postings.
  17. silvermail

    MWTS single din ralliart meter

    Please post this on the Member Buy/Sell (General Items) folder. Do not spam across multiple Buy and Sell folders..! I've helped you to consolidate the thread to here.
  18. silvermail

    buy cheap levitra 12196

    Yes they will be removed, but please do not respond to those spam threads as its creating additional work over here to clean them up. 8)
  19. silvermail

    Fitment of side number plate holder

    Your headlights must be switched on before the headlight washers can be activated. Ask someone to wash the windscreen while you stand outside to take a look..